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Poster: JihadOMuffin Date: Oct 14, 2011 12:01pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Furthur fun...

Its kinda of sad agreed. As a 22 year old who loves the Dead I am annoyed by many people my age. This is one reason why the Phish scene is cooler than the Dead. Not saying the music is better because I will always like the Dead better. But there is something Phish will do called Green Crew, you just chill until and clean up all the recyclables, and you get free tickets if you do it enough.

The balloons were not Heroin. Maybe a couple, but most likely Nitrous which I despise. Also it could be Jenkins or Jenkies? Some of these bums are fucking crazy. You shit and piss in a bottle put a ballon over it, put it in the sun, 10 hours later huff the fumes and you trip nutsacks.

One thing is you must distinguish between the true kids who are into the Dead, and the bums and drug dealers. I know kids who what many friends call "Gangsta Hippies", you know with the big baggy pants and shirts with Dead Emblems. They can be pretty cool, these people are a product of East Coast Jam band scene. Disco Biscuits and STS9 and others. Both pretty good--way too many fucking drugs though. I never really cared for dressing a certain way to express yourself, sure I have a couple tye dies, but even some hippie guy called me a bro, which I laughed at. I thought one of the base hippie qualities was anarchism and not conforming, and now look I don't dress hippie and I get called out.

I think you may be right about the Peeps from Santa Cruz, because the LA shows weren't as clogged up with assholes. Only they were younger LA kids, as least gave a little bit of shit concerning trash, though still loud and drunk.

But anyway, exactly the reason why kids my age go see Furthur, and are either like WTF, or kinda wowed by the scene if they meet cool people, and then see Phish and its much more Yuppies and Hipsters, but just less grimy bums and travelers, and much less sketchy. A little more appealing.

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Poster: wisconsindead Date: Oct 14, 2011 2:16pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Furthur fun...

I agree and disagree. I much more prefer the furthur scene than phish. Furthur might be more drug laden but it at least has real dead heads around that can hold a conversation about the boys. You cant get that anywhere else, cept maybe dark star.

The scene in general is whack. Filled with druggie losers who care more about the party than anything, and thats pretty much true across the board for all these bands.